May is Youth Services month

In almost every club I visited awarding scholarships was a service that clubs were providing and May is the time when we do that. Sponsoring an Interact Club is a way to engage your club with young people ages 12 to 18 who love to provide service. Each club is in a community with a high school and middle school that could benefit from an Interact Club. Contact Susan Adams, Interact District Sponsor, if you have questions. She is a member of the New Albany Club. It was my warmest joy to be invited April 10 to Terre Haute North High School, where I was engaged for twenty two years beginning as Interact sponsor.  Additionally, Rotaract for young people up to the age of 30 provides a way for them to engage in Rotary. We have just re engaged the club at IU.  Melissa Stone is our Rotaract contact person,

May is the time when we are confirming host homes for our incoming Rotary Youth Exchange students and is a good time to be promoting Rotary Youth Exchange for potential outbound students.

 Additional programs that we have include RYLA, always a big hit with teenagers thanks to directors Joy Harter and Loren Snyder, and the Four Way Speech contest. And we have initiated our Global Grant Scholarship program for which clubs can be considering students for post graduate work in one of our six areas of focus. PDG Jim Bright will be providing clubs with information about the scholarship.  Our Youth Services chair who does a phenomenal job of coordinating the variety of youth services is Lacretia (Lukie)Ulery,


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