Greetings from District Governor Kirk Bouchie! 

Greetings Rotarians! The arrival of June 2022 marks the official opening of summer. Family vacations, swimming pools, cook outs, outdoor sports, no school and hopefully some time for relaxation. With 11 months of this Rotary year behind us, I want to tell all of you how proud I am of our D6580 Rotarians this year. Much success has been achieved in all of our clubs. But, the year is not complete! Recently, I attended a Rotary meeting where the discussion centered on the question, “What is Rotary?” I heard the best and most succinct definition I have ever heard. Rotary is a MEMBERSHIP driven organization that does good in our communities and the world. Without members our ability to do service projects and donate in support of our foundation work would not exist. For several years we have struggled with increasing membership in Rotary in the USA. Many factors have contributed to this trend, including a worldwide pandemic in 2020/2021/2022. I am very proud to report that our district numbers were up slightly last year and are presently up at this point at the 11 month mark. I congratulate and thank all of you for keeping membership as the top priority. After visiting (in person) all 36 of our clubs (including Rotaract) I can tell you the most pressing issue across the district is member engagement and new member recruitment. We love Rotary and what we stand for. Please continue to share the Rotary story and opportunities with others in your community. I know there are folks out there just waiting to be ask to join our team. Because we are a MEMBERSHIP driven organization our biggest strength is our personal relationships with each other. Please take some time to consider making the ask of someone you know. Thanks!

Best wishes to all of our clubs and club leaders as you plan for the transition to new leadership on July 1. Rotary is most likely the largest organization in the world that changes leadership every year. With this many challenges arise, but, also many opportunities to welcome new ideas for even more success as an organization. Thanks and best wishes to all of our new leaders as they set goals for a great 2022/2023 Rotary year! Thanks to every Rotary member in our district for your efforts to serve to change lives. Southern Indiana is certainly blessed to have 1500 or so Rotarians that care.

~L. Kirk Bouchie


Kirk Bouchie began his term as District Governor on July 1st, 2021.  A Rotarian since 1987, he will spend the next year leading our Rotary clubs in Southern Indiana as we 'Serve to Change Lives'.  You can learn a little more about Kirk here!





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Rotary unites more than a million people around the world. Rotary District 6580, based in Southern Indiana, consists of 32 Rotary clubs and more than 1,500 Rotarians. Rotary clubs in our district range in size from 12 to 200 members. Our clubs’ programs involve prominent leaders in every field, and our membership represents business and civic leaders of our communities and our state. Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.
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