District 6580 Speech Contest  21-22
Two Options for Participation

Purpose of consideration of holding a speech contest:
Many vocations require skills in good communication, the ability to research and deliver information and ideas confidently. Understanding the importance of values enables the presenter to provide a balanced view which has considered ethical standards and the potential impact on self and others. The Rotary Four-Way Test Speech Contest provides a platform to build those skills aligned with the moral compass of Rotary’s Four-Way Test
The aims of the contest are to:

  1. Promote the values of Rotary that emphasize ethics and values in life.
  2. Develop the confidence and self-esteem in students.
  • Develop relationships between Rotary and secondary schools.
  1. Provide an opportunity for students to test their skills before an audience.
  2. Encourage and foster excellence in the art of public speaking.

This year due to the continued COVID situations in our communities we are offering two options for clubs to participate in the speech contest: 

Option 1: If a club chooses to hold a speech contest but doesn’t choose to participate in the District Contest (see below) the District will do the following:
            -Clubs can select the theme/topic of the speech and can alter the speech contest rules as they see fit. (Speech contest rules: https://www.dacdb.com/Rotary/Accounts/6580/assets/Rotary%20Speech%20Contest%20Rules%2021-22%20%202.docx. We hope the club will either choose the Four Way Test or the Rotary theme for 21-22: Service to Change Lives however this is the club’s choice. 
            -Once the club (or a panel of their choosing) have selected the winner the District will send the club $100 to be included as part of the prize money. 

Option 2:   If a club chooses to participate in the district speech contest, the following is the process to do so:
            -The District contest rules must be followed, including the theme/title of the speech. (See link above.) 
            -Once the club has determined the winner of their club contest, they will video record the winner’s speech and send this to the district Administrative Assistant (following the rules stated) at bdunham@rauchinc.org. Video recordings must be received by March lst. 
            -A panel of judges from different clubs around the district will review the speeches and, based on the scorecard (on Rules page), will rate the speeches.  The District Speech coordinator will tally the scores and determine the lst, 2nd and 3rd place winners. All participants will be notified by March 15th of the winning speeches.    
            -The winner will be invited to speak at the District Conference lunch on April 9th to be held at the IU Memorial in Bloomington.
            -Those selected as the winners will receive the following:  lst place:  $1000, 2nd place $500, 3rd place $250. (Note: If a club participates in the district, contest they do not receive the $100.)

The District Speech Contest Coordinator is Susan Adams, a retired teacher and member of the New Albany Rotary Club.  Judges for viewing the videos and choosing the winners are still being determined.

If you have questions please contact Bettye Dunham, Administrative Assistant, at bdunham@rauchinc.org


The theme for the 2020 District Speech Contest was "Rotary Connects the World".  



The 2019 District 6580 4-Way Test Speech Contest took place on Saturday, March 23rd in Bedford.  Maya Federle from Columbus took First Place, Shambly Sorrells from Jasper was First Runner-Up and Molly Treadway from Vincennes was Second Runner-Up.  Congrats to all the students who participated!


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